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real estate agent jobs

Are you a real estate agent looking for additional income, or looking to change careers? If so, we offer a potentially very lucrative loan broker opportunity helping businesses get the funding they need to stay open.

The Real Estate Services Industry is a $3.6 Trillion dollar industry with over 1.3 million realtors. The average realtor income however is only around $50,000 per year.

Realtors can have great seasons and then have horrible seasons depending on the market. Realtors also work overtime, typically 60 hours a week, working with clients and homeowners, staging homes, and securing the deal. 

Our opportunity offers an earning potential up to $500k per year, commission-based only. We offer 3% to 6% commissions on the funded value of the business advance, and up to 100% override commissions on agents that you personally recruit. Simply refer businesses to our business funding and get paid daily.

No experience is necessary and we have full training. We have agents already making $20,000 per month with our new business advance program. Here are the best Real Estate Agent Jobs in Merchant Cash Industry.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant Cash Advances have been gaining popularity the last couple of years because it provides fast capital to businesses without all the headaches and requirements of going through a bank.

Merchant cash Advances make up $5 to $10 Billion of the alternative finance industry. Businesses are using MCAs more than ever because of the current situation with banks and uncertain economic times.

MCAs are business advances based on the business’ monthly revenue, rather than their credit score. A business owner only needs to have a credit score of 450, be in business 6 months, and generate $5,000 a month in revenue. They also don’t need to put up any collateral, and can get same-day funding.

Real Estate Agent Jobs vs. MCA Broker Opportunity

Some realtors make great money and some do poorly. The higher income earners top out around $100k to $200k per year, and it requires a thriving market, overtime, and an insane work ethic.

Our opportunity does not have an income ceiling. It is solely dependent on what you put into it. Since we offer 3% to 6% commissions on all business funding and have business loans up to $2 million, that means the highest commission potential is around $180,000.

However, the average business advance is $10,000 which means a commission of $300 to $600. The power in this business lies within the multilevel recruiting model where you can earn up to 100% commissions on your personally enrolled agents.

Example: if a million a year is $83,400 per month and you can earn 50% commissions on your personally enrolled agents, all they would need to do is $167,000 in commissions per month. Broken down further, that is $16,700 per month from your top 10 producers.

Like I said, we have agents making $20,000 per month. Recruiting agents is easy because it is completely free to join and sales leaders and loan brokers see the commission opportunity with our business and go after it! I have recruited over 130 agents in 2.5 months, and many leaders are emerging, so $16,700 from 10 leaders could be doable within a year or two depending on your network.

What Does it Take to Join Our Loan Broker Program?

Real Estate Agent jobs might be hard to find right now, or you might be looking for something completely online and remote. We offer a completely free opportunity that can be done all online. No realtor licenses needed or special degrees. 

You should be willing to help small business owners receive the working capital they need to stay in business. We are passionate about helping business owners because we own businesses ourselves. We offer training on the various platforms we use to promote this business.

If this sounds good to you, please watch the 8 minute video by our CEO and sign up through the link below. Good luck to your success!

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