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business cash advance brokers

Are you looking for a new broker opportunity that requires no licence, no lengthy training, and pays daily? Business cash advances, also known as merchant cash advances are becoming extremely popular with businesses that need money faster than banks provide. Here’s what our program for business cash advance brokers is all about.

What is a Business Cash Advance?

Business and merchant cash advances are short-term business advances that are then paid back through future revenue of the company. These advances are less than a year in term, therefore not requiring a licence to sell them.

BCAs and MCAs make up a large portion of the $33 Billion dollar alternative lending industry and are a popular choice for business owners who need fast business capital without having all the strict requirements of the large banks.

In fact, banks are only lending to 13% of businesses who apply for a bank business loan because of post-pandemic caution. But, small businesses are dying quickly in America. 

You see it firsthand on the street. Businesses we used to patronize are no longer there. That is why it is our mission with this business cash advance broker opportunity to bring more agents onboard to meet this demand for working capital for small businesses.

How Much Can a Business Cash Advance Broker Make?

We are the only loan broker opportunity that allows you to not only earn daily on business fundings, but also on the entire organization of your team, down infinite levels. 

We pay 3% to 6% on business funding that you have had apply on your replicated website we give you. We pay 2 days after the funding goes through Monday thru Friday for advances up to $25,000. For larger loans, we pay from 3 days to 7 days. We offer loans up to $2 million, so 6% of that would be a $120,000 commission!

On bringing in personal agents, you can earn 25% to 100% of their commissions from fundings. On all agents under them you can earn up to 50% depending on your rank. Agents are already making $20k per month or higher simply on a combination of getting personal fundings each week and recruiting agents themselves.

How to Build Your BCA Broker Business Online

As business cash advance brokers, it is up to you how you promote the business. We have agents who have excelled on any type of platform, like facebook, google ads, craigslist ads, yellow pages, yelp, meetup, even TikTok. The name of the game with online marketing is getting consistent traffic to your website. The higher quality of traffic means more fundings. You want to attract business owners who need working capital today.

How to Join Our Loan Broker Program?

If you are committed to working hard and consistently and know how to get people seeing what you do, then we want to work with you. If you have a social media presence or have past experience contacting businesses this could be a perfect fit. 

We offer plenty of training for any method you choose to promote your business and have several zoom meetings per week so you can learn from our most successful producers.

Requirements to apply: 18 years or older and a US resident. You will receive a welcome email after you apply with your personal links you can share right away. Check your spam folder just in case you don’t receive at least 2 welcome emails.

Our opportunity is truly the most lucrative, free program on the internet. Just the training alone would be worth thousands of dollars, and you can start earning in as little as two days! Click the link below to apply and see you at the top!