Best Business Loan Broker Opportunity for 2023

The future is bright for loan brokers in 2023! So I have been doing internet marketing since 2010, and I have never seen such a lucrative opportunity as a business loan broker. Nothing compares to it. 

What other industry can you get in, do this 100% online, do four to five hours of training and potentially earn over $100,000 commissions? 

There is no other opportunity out there. That is why I am a business loan broker. 

Plus I love helping small business owners survive. Here is the Best Business Loan Broker Opportunity for 2023 – Read First before joining.

Best Business Loan Broker Opportunity for 2023 

So we are going to talk about the best business loan broker opportunity for 2023 and 2024. So stay tuned, stay all the way through this article, hit the share buttons, and let’s dive into it. 

So there are over 53 million gig workers in America right now, and that number is expected to climb to 78 million by 2027. What is the gig worker? It is the Uber drivers. It is the DoorDash drivers. It’s the delivery drivers for any of these apps that are springing up every single day. 

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We can now help all of those drivers and those independent contractors with instant cash advances. Now, these are small commission ticket, but what happens is when you start getting all of these drivers funded, they can renew their advance in eight to 10 weeks. 

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Business Loan Broker Renewals Can Create Massive Residual Income

So you are going to start getting more and more renewals and that will become this mountain of passive income. Just like insurance agents, you know, insurance agents make a lot of residual income because of the renewals and the more new clients you get, that renewal rate is going to pick up so that is just one facet of our opportunity. 

The second facet of our opportunity is we pay the highest overrides on your agents that you personally recruit. You can earn anywhere from 25% up to 100% on your personally recruited agents. 

So, let’s say that you get a loan yourself, it’s actually a business cash advance, that is what we do 95% of the time, you get a business cash advance, that means you’re amped up in our compensation plan. 

Now, if you recruit someone, and they get a business advance their first 30 days as well, you are going to get 100% of their commissions. So if they get $1,000 Commission, guess what? You get a $1,000 commission as well. 

Best Free Business Loan Broker Opportunity that Saves Businesses

This opportunity is absolutely for free. Okay, we are helping thousands of business owners every single month get business capital, working capital, because they cannot get a traditional bank loan. 

In fact, banks are only approving 14% of businesses right now for funding. That is abysmal, right? That is not acceptable and small businesses are closing down every single day. 

It is our responsibility to help those small businesses stay in business. In fact, a lot of them do not even know that we exist. They do not understand that they can get up to $25,000 within the same day with one of our programs. 

Best Business Loan Broker Funding Products

So right now we have three business cash advances. We have an instant cash advance where your client can get up to $5,000 literally in 10 minutes. This one is a completely automated application and automated process. 

The underwriting is automated. It’s all done online through FinTech through algorithms. If the client is happy with the pre approval amount, they connect their checking account, they can have a personal checking account for this business advance. 

They connect their bank using a service called Plaid, which all the huge institutions use to connect bank accounts to platforms. They connect their checking accounts, using plaid to the platform and they get the money within 10 minutes. 

80% of the people that apply for this get approved. The question is do they want the money okay, like I said this one you can get a lot of clients with this one but the commissions are small, but they add up with the renewals. 

Moving on to the second business cash advances up to $25,000 for the same day. Your client needs to be in business for at least six months, have a FICO of 450 which is like 300 less than what you need at a bank and do 5000 a month revenue or more. 

And then the third one is our business cash advance up to $2 million. Your client has to be doing at least 15,000 a month for this one, and a FICO of 500 is still incredible, way lower than what the banks need. 

These are no collateral business cash advances, and they just can’t touch this. All right. 

Why Join Our Business Loan Broker Opportunity

So why should you join our opportunity? What makes it the best for one are the overrides on your team agents.

Number two, we have those three programs for business cash advances. Business Cash Advance is actually trending right now on Google. It’s way more popular than merchant cash advances. A merchant cash advance basically advances the money to your client based on their future credit card receipts. 

A traditional merchant cash advance is something that the client had to provide their credit card terminal and their future credit card transactions, and the merchant cash advance would loan you a certain amount on these future credit card transactions. 

A business cash advance is more generalized. It’s based on the business’s cash flow and their future revenue. That’s why all of these business cash advances are based on your clients monthly revenue. 

So if they’re doing steady revenue the last three months to a year, then that is one of the strongest factors going forward to helping them get funding. 

How to Join Our Business Loan Broker Program for 2023 and Beyond

So the overrides and the training – now let’s talk about the training. This opportunity is absolutely free to join. So I’ll leave a link under this article/video. You can click on the link, watch the video by our CEO and then click the button that says Join Now. 

You’re going to fill out the application and then you’re going to get a welcome email from me and a welcome email from our company. All of your links are in there. 

You get your own replicated website. It is going to have your agent number in the URL and your name is going to appear at the top with your email and your phone number. You can sign up as a business name as well. 

Most people use their personal business name. Now you get paid 1099 income. Alright, so at the end of the year you’re gonna get a 1090 because you’re an independent contractor. 

How to Become a Successful Business Loan Broker

So what you do with this business is up to you, you can make life changing income with this opportunity, or you can fall away after a couple of weeks because you can’t talk to enough businesses. 

I really recommend that you are prepared to somehow get your website in front of business owners consistently every single day. We are talking about at least a dozen businesses a day, and if you can’t do that, then this probably isn’t for you. 

We’re looking for people that can network with a lot of business owners because it takes a lot of businesses looking at your website before they actually apply. You can’t apply for them. They have to fill out the application. 

The other thing is that this company can be done 100% online. The application is automated and it’s 100% online. 

For your clients, you just give them your website link, and they go to the application. They answer a few questions and the application will automatically redirect them to one of our three funding programs or to our business line of credit. 

So it’s absolutely mind blowing, I haven’t seen anything else like this online. Plus with our instant cash advance where you can get money for up to $5,000 within 10 minutes for your clients. 

There’s nothing else online that can get you funds within 10 minutes. I’ve looked at all of them – the fastest thing out there for maybe four hours or the next day. 

We truly have the only 10 minute instant cash advance for business owners. That’s another reason to join. 

What Business Loan Brokers Earn on Loans

Here’s what you earn on your own personal funding so you get 3% on your first funding. Then the additional funding that you get, if you get it within a 30 day window, is going to be 6% plus a 10% override on top of that. So that’s like 6.6%. 

But when you move up the ranks you can get all the way up to 9%. Now remember, this is completely hands off if you want it to be, but if you want to increase your conversion rates then you should talk to businesses in person. 

Plenty of Business Loan Broker Training

We have plenty of social media promotional material. We have videos you can slap up on your Facebook. We have drop cards that you can drop off with business owners. We have all of the training. That’s what I want to talk about next. 

Our agent Resource Center is robust. You can see all of the training. There’s four hours of training you have to watch first. There’s three videos you watch and then you’re off and running to the races. 

After that, we have weekly zooms. We have two weekly zooms for the corporate side. Then we have one personal zoom call for our own team, and we’re the fastest growing team in this company. 

So I think I covered everything. This is going to be the best loan broker opportunity for 2023 and beyond. There isn’t anything else that is so fast, so automated, you get paid within one to three days depending on the loan amount. 

When Do Business Loan Brokers Get Paid?

If you got a client $25,000 Monday, you would get a statement either that day or the next day and then you get paid Wednesday. It might take up to a week to get paid on larger fundings. 

We have a debit card as well. The money gets loaded onto that card and you can pull the money out instantly and get that transferred over to your bank account and use the money right away or just leave it on the card and use it like a Visa debit card. 

Everything is streamlined. Everything is done for you. We have our own underwriters that close your loans. You don’t have to fax your applications from your clients over to lenders. 

You don’t have to hunt between all these lenders to find the best deal that is all done for you. Plus you get email notifications on any status updates with your clients. You can see when they apply. You can see when contracts are requested. You can see when contracts are sent. You can see when deals are either declined or funded. 

We are completely transparent with your funds and fund information. You are going to see all of that by getting emails, okay. So it is absolutely transparent. You are going to see in real time what is going on with your clients. 

Now again, if you want to improve your conversion rate, conversion rate, talk to your warm market first, all of your business owner friends, all of your independent contractor friends. 

Anyone that is self employed can now get funding through us so you can talk to even network marketers who are self employed getting at least 3000 a month with their business making four business deposits a month. No collateral. No FICO on that instant cash advance. 

So I think I rambled enough. I hope you join our team right now because we are heading into the new year and that is a very busy time for businesses to get working capital. We want to help them survive throughout the year, and now is the time to sign up.

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