Loan Broker Opportunity

Are you looking to potentially make over a million a year as a business loan broker without a degree? Are you looking for a residual income opportunity where you can earn up to 100% overrides on your personally enrolled agents?

What is a Loan Broker Opportunity?

The alternative financial lending industry is booming and is a $33 Billion a year industry. $5 to $10 Billion of that comes from business advances called Merchant Cash Advances and Business Cash Advances. These are financial products that help small businesses get same day funding with average credit, no collateral, and super fast funding times. With funding you could become a top LiveGood leader in the network marketing space, or expand your restaurant.

MCAs and BCAs are trending quickly upwards right now because big banks have turned their backs on 85% of struggling businesses in America. Also, MCAs and BCAs do not require a license to sell because they are commercial lending products. Now, if these were personal loans then yes you would need a license, but they are not.

So, since alternative financial products are gaining popularity fast, so are Merchant Cash Advance Brokers and ISO merchant Cash Advance Brokers. ISO stands for Independent Sales Organization, and these are agents that act as go-betweens between the customer and the lender. ISOs have to do a lot of paperwork and match the right lender with the customer’s needs.

MCA Brokers, on the other hand, simply connect the two together: the customer and the lender. With our opportunity, that simply means getting the customers applying on our websites (already provided for you with your personal agent ID number and cookies so you get credit).

So, since you don’t need a license and you simply get “targeted” traffic to your replicated website, that means almost anyone in the U.S. can do this opportunity! 

How Loan Broker Opportunity Began

Loan broker Opportunity began because I was an internet marketer who was burnt out on affiliate marketing and network marketing. However, I was addicted to the residual income I got every month from building a team in network marketing years ago. 

I was tired of many things involved with MLM and Affiliate Marketing programs, such as paying monthly membership fees or paying for products each much just to maintain a certain commission rate in a company. Plus, the highest commissions I ever saw (didn’t make) in affiliate marketing was $3000, and in MLM it was $380 (did make).

Loan Brokers can make huge commissions because they are dealing with the exchange of a lot of money. Indeed states that the average income of a loan broker is $18o,000 a year. However, those are loan officer jobs that take a degree and a lot of time stuck behind a cubicle.

As an internet marketer, I discovered an opportunity where you can sign up for completely free, have no special degrees or licenses, and have the possibility of making over $100,000 commissions, all from your laptop and no 8 to 5 schedule. 

We have agents already making $20k per month, and they simply run some google ads to their replicated website. It is all about getting the right kind of people applying on your website. That is it really as an ISO! It is a numbers game and the agents who get the most targeted traffic to their website wins!

So, it is up to you to market your business. Whatever you have done in the past online is probably what you want to do. If you did telemarketing in the past, then call businesses; if you have an engaged following on social media, then create posts; if you want to get out and canvas an area, we have drop cards you can use. It is up to you and your career ambition in the loan space.

How to Join Loan Broker Opportunity

If all of this sounds really good to you, it should! People that have done sales or internet marketing before have never seen anything like this. Where else online can you have the possibility of making $10k commissions and $10k commissions on your personal agents and without a degree or advanced training?

So, I invite you to watch the 8 minute overview by our CEO. We have been in business for six years (so it is not an unstable ground floor opportunity) and are committed to helping businesses get the capital they need to stay in business.

This is not for people who just want to make a ton of money without helping people, or willing to watch the training and attend a couple company zooms. 

This is not for people who just want to “try it out”. You won’t make it far. This is not for people who have zero social media following, zero money to run ads, or zero ambition to make calls or get out and speak to business owners. 

This is actual work and it is a competitive industry. But, for those who are a little crazy and want life-changing income then this is exactly for you!