Become a Business Loan Broker

Today we are going to talk about a very lucrative opportunity for you absolutely free with the highest upside as far as commissions and life changing income. 

Become a Business Loan Broker and Potentially Earn Over $100,000 Commissions 2023

So I am going to dive right into this. It is actually helping small businesses get fast working capital when they cannot get any funding from the banks. 

This is a high integrity opportunity if you are willing to hustle and work your butt off because to be honest it is a free program so you’re going to get a lot of people that do not want to do the work but for the people that do do the work, and know a lot of businesses that they can talk to and network with there is a huge opportunity here. 

Becoming a Business Loan Broker and Learning the Products

So we’re gonna dive right into it. I am going to show you the compensation plan, the products and the training and how to sign up. So right here, these are our three main business cash advances. 

Now a lot of these programs are our bad credit, no collateral. This one right here is our newest program, and it’s literally no FICO requirements. 

Business owners can get up to $5,000 literally in 10 minutes. This one is automated, so it’s available 24/7. So you can help people who are self employed, they’re independent contractors. They’re even network marketers, anyone who has a personal or business checking account. 

They’ve been in business for six months or longer. They’re doing 3000 a month. Business revenue the last three months or higher. It’s all about your cash flow. 

And the rule of thumb with this one is you get up to 25% of your monthly revenue. So if your client is doing 5000 a month with their business the last few months, they could get 1250 advance. 

Now you might think that this is not a lot of money. But you know, like for instance, if you’re a DoorDash driver and you get a flat tire on a Saturday night, you don’t have any extra income to buy a new tire. This advance comes in handy really fast. 

I sell these like hotcakes. I get maybe three to five fundings a week, helping drivers, independent contractors to be self employed, getting money that they need super fast. 

Our second program is up to $25,000 the same day. Okay, this one we can lend up to 75% of the client’s monthly revenue. This one they have to have a business checking account six months in business and doing 5000 a month, the last three months or more. 

The FICO we lowered that to 450. So just keep in mind, with banks you need a 700 or higher to get a business loan and you might have to wait weeks or months to get the money. The approval rating for a bank loan is only 14%. 

So we’re helping the 86% who are not getting money from the banks and the FICO is 450 so absolutely amazing. Rule of thumb is if you’re doing 10,000 a month they could get up to $7,500 advance. 

This one is popular with trucking companies, salons, auto body repair, network marketers, whoever is getting the 5000 a month in sales. 

Then our last one is the big one, where you can get up to $2 million in three to five days. Okay, this one you need a business checking account for months in business 15,000 a month or more in sales. 

Your FICO needs to be 500 or higher. Now we’re going to cover all of this in the training not today I’m saying in our agent Resource Center. We have robust training for you guys. So it’s recommended that you follow the three videos I’ll get into in a second. 

Become a Business Loan Broker and Get Paid Big

But let’s look at the compensation plan to become a business loan broker. Right so after you go through the videos, the training videos, this is what you can expect if you get a funding your first funding you’re gonna get 3%

Keep in mind the life changing potential here. Like I said we have up to $2 million business cash advances 3% of 2 million is like $60,000 Okay. 

We do pay up to 9% on business advances so keep that in mind. So your first one you get 3% and if you get one another within a 30 day window, then you’re gonna start getting 6% commissions. 

Here is where it gets even crazier. If you start building a team of agents under you, this is the first direct selling business loan broker opportunity online meaning if you build a team, you get their commissions all the way down to infinity. 

You can earn 25% of your agents commissions and then if you’re amped up meaning you got your second funding and your 6% then you could get up to 50% of your personal agents commissions. 

Now if they get amped up as well meaning they get a business loan, and you are amped up, they are amped up, you can get up to 100% of their commissions from your personally enrolled agents. I have a lady on my team who got $7,000 from an agent on her team. Okay, she didn’t even get the loan. Her agent got the funding. 

Life-Changing Income Becoming a Business Loan Broker

So there’s absolutely life changing income here and you can get passive income from building a team in this company as well. Okay, so there’s overrides: you get 10% overrides on your entire team all the way up to 50% on your entire team, plus your second level overrides that you can earn on the leaders on your team as well. Super powerful. 

So let’s look at the company again. David Allen capital. This is our new program called self employed funding. Okay, so when you sign up through the link under my video, you’re gonna get the same page as I do. 

The two that I like promoting are the self employed funding. And what you’re gonna do is you’re going to put your agent number on the end of this page so you’re gonna go like this. All right, it’s gonna be David Allen forward slash gig funding slash your agent number, not mine, but yours when you sign up. 

Okay, this is just one, this is the instant cash advance. Then the bigger loans are the business capital. So I also promote this page as well. Now the more traffic you get to your pages, business clients, the more signups you’re gonna get. 

Now, here’s a little caveat. I’m going to be super transparent and real with you guys. 99% of the people that sign up with this don’t do anything. They don’t they can’t talk to enough businesses to get business funding. 

Plus, you’re going to get emails from businesses who do not have approved funding. Okay, so you are going to have to have thick skin, you’re gonna have to get used to it. 

It might take speaking to 50 businesses, getting declined, to actually get one funding. It all depends on how warm your market is. 

If you are someone who is on Facebook and you have 5000 followers, and half of them on businesses, you’re gonna hit the ground running with this and make a ton of money.  

There’s a lady that made $16,000 her first week because she had a network of business client friends. If you’re starting out with this and you don’t know any businesses, you’re not going to make anything. 

Now you can learn and you can still hustle and grind and learn techniques. We have so many different ways to promote this business. It’s not even funny. 

So I want to show you the agent Resource Center because that’s where you have to go when you sign up. It’s at the very bottom of David Allen You’ll see right here it says agent Resource Center. This is after you sign up through the link under my video/article.

So you’re gonna go to the agent resource center and you have to watch one, two and three. Once you learn these three videos, you’re good to go. And then you can promote your pages, the business capital or the self employed. 

We also have a business line of credit. Okay, so it’s your choice. We also have payment processing or customer financing. But if you want to make big money, it’s all about the big business capital, right? 

This one is the one where you get up to $2 million funding, right so you promote this to companies. Now here’s the thing, we have an application that will automatically redirect your clients to the right program. 

So you don’t have to worry about what your clients have. You give them the general requirements and just get them to apply. Right. So our application goes to all of our programs. Here’s the application right here. So they’re going to answer your clients. You can’t fill this out for your clients. They have to do it by law. 

But when your client fills out this form, they are going to answer a few questions about their FICO and their revenue. And then the application will automatically redirect them to one of our three programs. 

There is no other business loan broker program like this that is totally automated. We have a team of underwriters that will work with your clients and close them. 

You will also get email notifications on all the updates that your clients are going through the loan process. So you don’t have to worry. You don’t have to be wondering what’s going on. 

If there’s a new development with the loan process with your client, you will get an email so you don’t have to keep emailing support, saying you know what’s going on with my client. 

Okay, but you do have to have thick skin. But hey, if you are already a business loan broker, you know the language I’m speaking right now, and if you’re looking for a new opportunity, click the link under this video. 

This is also great for credit repair people. This is great for Realtors or real estate agents. This is great for any self employed person who wants life changing income.