start a business loan broker opportunity

Are you a driven Entrepreneur looking to become a business loan broker? Are you committed to not only seeing businesses thrive because of your funding solutions, but also excited by creating an organization of agents you can earn passive residual income from?

Earn Even More Money With This New Network Marketing Opportunity

If so, you are in the right spot! This business loan broker opportunity is for anyone who is a U.S. resident, is open-minded to learn how to market their broker business online, and ready to make life-changing income.

We pay the highest commissions in the lending industry, with 3% to 6% on the funded value that you help businesses obtain. So, for example: if you help a business get $10,000 funding, you get $300. The second funding would be 6% and that would be $600.

You also can earn up to 100% overrides on agents you personally recruit if they get a business funded in their first 30 days. So, if your personally enrolled agent get’s a $20,000 funding, they would get $600 and you would get $600!

How Much Can You Make with Our Loan Broker Opportunity?

Most loan officer jobs require a college degree and you have to act as a go-between for the customer and the lender and fill out a ton of paperwork. The average income of a loan officer is around $65,000. That will barely support a family in most cities, if at all.

With our Business Loan broker Opportunity, you can make anywhere from $500,000 to $1 Million a year depending on your commitment, your warm market, your social media presence, and your consistency. These are estimates on what you can make, but the potential is at least there, unlike a loan officer job.

Our Business Loan Broker Program can be completely done online from the comfort of your own home. We have agents making over $20,000 a month just from running Google Ads to their replicated websites.

Our opportunity has no income ceiling, meaning you can earn as much as you want. Our compensation is geared towards producers who help get businesses funded and help other agents grow their business as well.

It would be hard to make $1 million a year in this business by just helping businesses get funded. Since the average business advance is roughly $10,000 and the commission from that is either $300 or $600 (depending on your rank) you would need to either secure 3,333 advances a year or 1,667 advances a year to make a million dollars.

However, since you can make 25% to 100% of your personally enrolled agent’s commissions, it becomes a lot more doable. For example, let’s say you recruit 100 agents personally (which isn’t that hard because it’s a free opportunity) and 10 of those agents become top producers in the company. 

Since you make 50% overrides on your personals, if you are “amp’d” (your rank if you get one funding a month) then if your 10 agents do $166,667 in commissions per month, you would make $83,333 per month, which equals a million a year.

10 agents doing $16,667 each per month is not that difficult. Like I said, we have agents already doing $20k a month and we have only had our same-day business cash advance for 3 months.

So, with a combination of your own business fundings and earning commissions from agents you brought in, $1 million a year is doable, which would be almost impossible somewhere else.

How to Promote Your Loan Broker Business

We are essentially Merchant Cash Advance Brokers, which means we don’t sell loans but rather help businesses get Merchant Cash Advances. MCAs are popular right now because big banks are not lending to small businesses as much as they used to, if at all.

Merchant Cash Advances are a great alternative to banks if the business has poor credit, doesn’t want to put up collateral, has only been in business 6 months or more, and needs the money today. We offer business cash advances from $2500 up to $25,000 the same day.

How to Start a Business Loan Broker Opportunity

Starting your business loan broker program is easy and straightforward. There are around 4 hours of training videos in the agent resource center, which you will be prompted to watch when you get the welcome email from the company after you sign up.

It is crucial you understand the basic lending requirements for businesses and understand the power of building a team of agents. You are not obligated to recruit agents. There are agents that just do business funding. My rule of thumb is to get at least one funding per month and recruit a large team of agents.

Everything you need to start and build your business is online. It depends on you if you want to build your business through the various offline or online techniques we train on. The bottom line is getting businesses applying on your replicated website and letting the sales team do the rest.

Your life-changing journey awaits as an ISO and merchant cash advance facilitator. No experience and completely free. There is no better opportunity online. Simply click the link below and watch the 8 minute overview by the CEO and sign up!