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Are you looking for the highest paying free opportunity online? Are you looking for a Merchant Cash Advance program without all the strings attached?

We offer a no-experience, completely free broker opportunity for U.S. residents. We offer all the training you need, plus we give you your own website to promote. If this sounds like a good MCA Broker opportunity for you, then read further.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant Cash Advances are the hottest trend right now in the alternative lending industry. They make up almost $10 billion of the $33 Billion alternative lending industry.

Why are MCA’s so hot right now? Because businesses are unable to get the working capital they need from the big banks. Only 13% of businesses who apply for a big bank loan get approved.

Merchant Cash Advances, on the other hand, have simple requirements and businesses can get funded the same day, which makes for fast income for MCA brokers. Plus, we pay two days after the business gets funded.

The best component of becoming a MCA Broker is that you don’t need a degree in Finance, or have a broker license, unlike Mortgage brokers, because MCA’s are short term business loans, which don’t require any licensing.

How Much Does a MCA Broker Business Pay?

Loan broker jobs typically peak around $180,000 per year, and that is getting a degree first, and spending overtime in the office. With our MCA broker program it is completely doable to earn $500k to $1 million per year. However, we are a commission-only opportunity that requires action and consistency on your part to earn that kind of income. But, the unlimited income is there for the hungry entrepreneur who wants to change their life.

We pay 3% to 6% on the business funding you acquire. So, if you get a business funded for $20,000, you would make $600 to $1200 on that, plus 10% to 50% overrides on that as well. We offer loans up to $2 million and the same 3% to 6% applies, meaning potential commissions up to $180,000 with overrides.

Plus, we pay you on the commissions of agents you personally recruit. Most MCA and ISO broker programs only pay down one level, whereas we pay on your entire team, infinite levels. You can earn at least 10% on every agent’s commissions on your team, and up to 100% overrides on personally sponsored agents.

With getting your own businesses funded and building an organization of reps, $1 million per year is definitely achievable. You would only need 10 rockstar agents on your team making around $17,000 a month in commissions to hit a million a year. I’ve personally recruited 135 agents in the last 3 months, so it’s not a far off concept.

How to Build Your MCA Broker Business Online

We have agents already making $20k per month simply sharing their replicated websites to their warm market and running PPC campaigns. The name of the game with online marketing with our opportunity, or any opportunity for that matter, is getting enough targeted traffic to your websites. The agents who get the most traffic wins.

We have many choices on how we can promote our websites and get businesses funded and for recruiting agents. We also have free training on all the most effective platforms to use for growing your business. The key is sticking with a couple platforms that you like using, or have experience with in building other businesses.

What Does it Take to Join Our Loan Broker Program?

This opportunity is perfect for sales professionals, Realtors, insurance agents, affiliate marketers, network marketers, and stay at home parents. It is completely free to join for U.S. residents only and we provide you both a website for funding businesses and a webpage for recruiting agents.

This opportunity is completely automated, meaning once a business owner applies on your website, the sales team for our lender takes over and emails and texts your clients for you. There is no paperwork and faxing between clients and lenders, like most brokers have to do.

Simply watch the 8 minute overview or click the link under here for more info on our opportunity! Thanks for reading and I wish you all the success you deserve!

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