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Today we are going to talk about the seven reasons why to join us as a business loan broker. Now, this is a very exciting time to become a business loan broker because so many businesses need help getting fast working capital and their banks are not approving them, or they are not getting the funds fast enough and we can help the 80% of businesses that cannot get a traditional bank loan. 

Business Loan Broker – 7 Reasons to Join Us 

So why become a business loan broker? I have the seven best reasons why join us and so let’s get right into it. 

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Number Seven: Completely Automated Online Application

We have the first completely automated online application that will redirect our applicants to the right loan program that we offer. It’s a completely automated application. 

We have a sales team of underwriters that help close your leads. It is 100% automated, if you want it to be hands off, you can literally just let our company close your leads. 

Of course, it does help if you contact your clients and work with them. It will increase the conversion rates obviously but if you’re a hands off kind of person, then this is a great opportunity for us as well. 

We also have a new instant cash advance, which has the fastest funding times in the industry at eight minutes. So if you have people that don’t have a business checking account, they need fast working capital and they are self employed or they’re an independent contractor like Uber drivers or DoorDash drivers. 

You can help them get up to $5,000 in eight minutes, a completely automated application for that as well. And that one is offered 24/7 So someone can apply at midnight on Saturday and get the money they need. So that is really cool. A lot of other companies do not have this. I don’t know of any other company that has that. So that is number seven. 

Number Six:  Fastest Growing Business Loan Broker Team

We have the fastest growing team, the team I am part of we have over 10,000 members who are growing super fast. Hundreds of new agents join us every single week. 

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This is the perfect time. I mean it is really a perfect storm joining our company in this team at this time. So definitely look into that. I will leave a link under this article. You can watch the training by the CEO and sign up. 

Number Five: No Degree or License Required to Become a Business Loan Broker 

You don’t need a license or a degree to be a business loan broker. That’s personal loans. If you want to sell personal loans, you might need a license or a degree for that. 

But for business loans, there are no requirements. I’ll get into the other requirements that we do have which actually training it’s not like you need any licensing but no degree is needed. And that’s good news. Anyone in America can join. You can be an agent overseas as well. But this is primarily for US businesses that you help so keep that in mind if you’re overseas. 

Number Four: Simple Training 

A lot of these loan broker programs hook you into all these trainings and some of them you have to pay money to learn how to be a business loan broker, and it’s the biggest scam in the industry right now because you do not need all that fancy training to start getting businesses funded. 

With about five hours of video training, which we have for every agent when they sign up, you can become a proficient business loan broker in a matter of two evenings. Take notes and that’s about it. 

Number Three: Robust Loan Broker Zoom Trainings

We have about three zooms a week, so you can stay plugged in to new developments and new updates, because our company is constantly evolving and adding new tools for the agents and new products as well. 

We’re always rolling out new loan programs or other programs. We have healthcare. We have credit processing, or customer financing. We have more than just business loans. So there’s three zooms a week to keep you plugged in. And motivated. 

Number Two: It’s Completely Free to Sign Up for this Program 

There are no hidden fees, there’s nothing that you have to pay out of pocket. The only thing you have to worry about is how to share this opportunity with business owners. 

We do offer drop cards if you want to go that route but it’s not. It’s optional. You know, you could go to the Chamber of Commerce, you could do meetups, you could promote this online, you could promote this on social media. 

Just know that the more requirements you reveal to the client and the more you give them information, the more informed they are and they won’t be going into something they don’t know the full requirements for and getting declined. So the more you can present the opportunity, the more you will get conversions. 

Number One: Life-Changing Income 

Now we offer up to $2 million business loans and agents can get 3% and 9% on that. So that’s literally up to $180,000 commissions. It’s absolutely mind blowing what is possible with this opportunity. 

I’m not saying that you will make any money. I have to have a little disclaimer here. You might not make anything, you might only make $100. Our instant cash advance. People are only getting $10 to $50 commissions on that one. 

But on our bigger loans, you can get over $10,000 commissions. There’s several people on our team that have gotten over $10,000 commissions, then we pay daily, or a few days on the larger commissions. 

The other thing is you can get up to 100% overrides on your personally sponsored agents. If you have funding yourself and you bring in a new agent and they get funding in their first 30 days, you can get 100% of their commissions. 

If they make $3,000 you make $3,000 This is absolutely unheard of. Most loan broker opportunities only pay you 2%. On your personal agents we pay 25% to 100% on the commissions of your agents plus we pay an open line override that you can earn on your entire team even if you didn’t recruit them down to infinity levels. 

It does not cut off after 10 levels or five levels. It can go if you have a rock star on your hundredth level, you could get 10 to 50% overrides open line overrides on their entire team, if as long as you are engaged or amped up.

Engaged means you get one loan every 60 days and amped means you get one loan every 30 days. So this is the best opportunity I have ever seen. I have been in the company for two years. I am not going anywhere. I am committed to helping you guys get the best opportunity to rock 2023 and 2024, so click the link below for company funds faster.

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