Insurance Agent Jobs for Business Loan Broker Opportunity

insurance agent jobs

Are you an insurance agent looking for an additional income stream or changing careers? Are you looking for potentially life-changing commissions and passive income in the MCA Broker Field?

We offer 3% to 6% on any business advances you secure. Our opportunity is completely free to join (USA Only) and can be done from home. There are no special licenses or degrees needed to sell business cash advances. Our training is less than 10 hours, unlike getting an insurance license that can take up to 80 hours to get.

There are over 1.2 insurance agents in America generating $1.2 trillion a year in revenue. Although the insurance industry is huge, a lot of insurance agent jobs don’t offer the income they want, or they are being downsized. The median salary for an insurance agent is $52,149, whereas with our opportunity there is no income ceiling.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

What we offer is a type of MCA broker opportunity. We help businesses get the working capital they need to stay afloat by way of business cash advances, which are like a Merchant cash Advance.

A merchant cash advance is a short term business advance that is paid back by the business owner through their business checking account on a daily or weekly basis through ACH. Traditional MCA’s are paid back using the future credit card transactions of the business. However, business cash advances are paid back through the business’ general business revenue.

BCAs and MCAs are ideal for businesses that need capital fast and can’t wait or won’t be approved by big banks. MCAs and BCAs are gaining popularity fast because a business only needs a credit score of 450, only need to be in business for six months, and only need $5,000 a month in revenue and no collateral is needed.

What we have as MCA brokers or Business Capital Agents is to offer something big banks can’t even touch – the ability to help a business the same day get the funding they need.

Insurance Agent Jobs vs MCA Broker Agent

Like I mentioned earlier, an insurance agent makes roughly 60k a year. I got my insurance license myself a few years ago. It took two weeks (80 hours) to get my Life & Casualty License. Then when I found a job, I had to memorize a 7 page script and role play for a couple weeks in front of a camera with my team. I walked out after two days on the job.

What we offer takes no degree and the training is simple. You just need to memorize the simple business advance requirements and point businesses to the replicated website we give you.

With no income ceiling and commissions only, our compensation plan is based on your results. If you get a business funded, you get paid in two days. If you personally recruit an agent, you can earn up to 100% on their commissions. So, at least the potential is there to make $500k to $1 million a year. It will depend on your network and tenacity.

How to Build Your MCA Broker Business Online

As an insurance agent, you know that you need leads for your business. Same thing here, but what we do is just get businesses on our website to apply and the lender does the rest. So, act like an internet marketer and get the right traffic to your website.

How do you do that? We have various methods that our agents use. We have agents that are great cold calling businesses out of the yellow pages and we have agents who strictly run ads on Craigslist and google. It is your choice. The lending agent who gets the most targeted traffic to their website wins. That is internet marketing in a nutshell.

What Does it Take to Join Our Loan Broker Program?

If you like what you’ve read then this opportunity is for you. This far beats insurance agent jobs that only pay $50k a year and you spend all day doing paperwork and underwriting.

Our business can be completely automated. Businesses will see your website and apply, then they are in the sales funnel for our lender. You don’t have to reach out to the business owner at all. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

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