Best Merchant Cash Advance Broker Opportunity

merchant cash advance broker opportunity

Are you looking for a free, possibly very lucrative MCA ISO Loan Broker Program? Are you looking to work from home and get paid daily? We provide all the training. No experience necessary. As long as you’re a US citizen and are passionate about helping small businesses get funded, then we have the best Merchant Cash Advance Broker Opportunity for you.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance Broker?

Merchant Cash Advances are an alternative financial instrument used by small businesses since 2008. MCAs make up $5 to $10 Billion of the $38 Billion alternative lending industry. 

These are not loans, but rather business advances based on the business’s monthly revenue. Merchant Cash Advances are ideal for small businesses that can’t wait weeks or months for the big banks, have poor credit, and don’t want to put up collateral.

Merchant Cash Advances have been skyrocketing in popularity lately because big banks have made it even harder to get a business loan. This is an ideal time if you want to cash in with a Merchant Cash Advance Broker Opportunity.

How Much Can You Make with a Merchant Cash Advance Broker Opportunity?

The average income for a loan broker, according to indeed, is $180,000. That is a pretty good income, however you have to work really hard to earn that. You have to hit the phones all day or go out and meet clients in person. You have to help match clients with lenders and fill out a lot of loan applications. Not my style.

I want a MCA broker program where I simply get businesses who need funding to my site and let the lender do the rest. I also want residual income from a team of personally enrolled agents I recruited, almost like a MLM Business Loan Program. I also want unlimited income potential with no ceiling, I am sure you do too.

So how much can you make with our opportunity? We have agents already making $20k to $40k per month, and our funding program is only three months old. We also get paid commissions on renewals, and those start to come in after four or five months after the first funding.

So, there is absolutely no reason you can’t make a million a year with this program. You can combine the income you receive from not only getting personal business fundings yourself (3% to 6% of the business funding amount) but also 10% to 100% overrides from your organization of agents you built.

A million a year is around $83,400 per month. If you earn 50% overrides from your personal agent’s commissions, then you simply need a team of agents making around $167,000 per month in commissions. If you break that down it looks a lot easier than it sounds:

10 Personally recruited agents making $16,700 per month in commissions.

20 personally recruited agents making $8,340 per month in commissions.

40 personally recruited agents making $4,170 per month in commissions.

$4,170 a month from 40 agents you personally recruit is very doable. In three months, I have already recruited 130 agents personally. Recruiting is very easy because it’s free and anyone with common sense can see that this is an amazing opportunity with the potential to earn $34,000 commissions, $56,000 commissions, etc.

How to Join Our Merchant Cash Advance Broker Opportunity

With all that being said, I personally think we have the best business loan broker opportunity online. On top of that, the overrides you can get from agents is staggering. I don’t know of any other merchant cash advance broker opportunity like it. In fact, I don’t think there is.

If you’re interested in signing up to our broker program, think first about helping small businesses get the funding they need to stay in business before thinking about the money. Of course, the money is great, but our mission is what drives us and fuels us up.

You certainly can make life-changing income with this program, but the compensation is based on your efforts. This is not a salary position. This is based on you helping businesses get a funding at least once per month (to stay amp’d up and get 6% per funding)

This opportunity is perfect for loan brokers, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, realtors, any commission based profession, and of course anyone driven to succeed and make life-changing income.