Mortgage Broker Jobs in Merchant Cash Advance Industry

mortgage broker jobs

Are you a mortgage broker looking for a very lucrative online opportunity? Are you a mortgage broker who wants to capitalize on the merchant cash advance industry and get paid daily with supplemental income and passive revenue? 

The U.S. mortgage industry generates a staggering $11 Trillion dollars a year, with more than 54,000 mortgage broker companies employing over 500,000 agents. However, some estimate the average income of a mortgage broker is $35,000 to $60,000. We offer a powerful alternative to mortgage broker jobs where you can earn $500,000 a year or more. Read more.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant cash advances are business advances that require low credit scores, no collateral, and can be distributed in less than a day. Merchant cash advances make up $5 to $10 billion of the $33 billion dollar alternative finance industry.

Merchant cash advances have been a hot item for the past couple years as big banks tighten their lending practices, especially last year. Big banks require businesses to have perfect credit, put up collateral, be in business for one to two years, then wait weeks or months to get funded.

MCAs are no collateral, bad credit, 6 months in business, same day business advances that almost any small business can apply and receive. Businesses are struggling more than ever and need working capital fast. That is where we come in. We simply refer businesses to our lender and they do the rest.

As a business capital agent, you do not need to do any paperwork, underwriting, or know every little detail about our 100 lenders, unlike mortgage broker jobs. You simply get business owners to apply on your replicated lending site. Once the business applies, our lender takes over and you will receive emails of how the process is going. This opportunity is completely automated and can be done remotely and on a laptop. No experience or license is required because you don’t need one for business cash advances.

How Much Can You Make with a Business Loan Broker Program?

Again, mortgage broker jobs average around $60,000 a year. If you become an expert in your field you could potentially earn $300,000 a year in 5 to 10 years.

We offer a commission-based opportunity with no ceiling. You have the potential to earn $1 million a year and earn up to $180,000 from selling our $2 million business loan. Our agents earn 3% to 6% on every business advance, whether you are brand new to the business advance industry or a veteran. 

We also offer 25% to 100% on the commissions that your personally enrolled agents earn. This opportunity operates on the multilevel platform and you can earn not only on personal agents, but every agent on your team.

With the combination of getting your own personal fundings and earning commissions on a team of agents, $1 million a year is possible. If you recruit 10 agents who then earn $167,000 a month in commissions and you get 50% of that, then that is $1 million a year.

What Does it Take to Join Our Loan Broker Program?

To be a successful mortgage broker it can take 5 years of training and lots of upfront costs to obtain licenses. You also have to have great math skills, be analytical and juggle important paperwork between homeowners and lenders.

Not so with our loan broker program. You can start your business as long as you are 18 and a U.S. citizen. You should also be willing to learn how to help small businesses get funding. We offer free training and weekly zooms.

This opportunity is perfect for mortgage brokers, realtors, insurance agents, car salesmen, network marketers, affiliate marketers, etc. This is commission only and is based on your productivity. You can earn life-changing income here without any upfront cost or experience. It is up to you what you do with it! Please click the link to Join David Allen Capital and we will see you at the top of the earning charts!

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