Small Business Loan Brokers Wanted to Promote Instant Cash Advances

Small Business Loan Brokers Wanted

In this article, I explain how to  become a small business loan broker promoting instant cash advances. It’s a truly exciting time to become a provider for instant business loans, because there is no other lender out there that can provide capital under eight minutes like us.

Small Business Loan Brokers Wanted to Promote Instant Cash Advances

Now, we have several programs but the most recent one that just launched last week is for instant business loans. Now what makes this very powerful is that the business client only needs to have a personal checking account, which is unheard of when it comes to business lending. That is one key point. 

Another key point is that they can go from the application to funding in eight minutes. It is a completely automated application. Now, right now we have a total of three loan programs. We have one that is all the way up to $2 million dollars, it takes about a day to three days to get funded. 

I am not going to go over the requirements for that one. Then we have another loan program that is the same day and that can get you up to $25,000, and now we have an instant business loan that can get you up to $5,000 in eight minutes. 

Our New Instant Cash Advance Requirements

So this is the one I really want to talk about because like I said, you only need a personal checking account, and you only have to be in business for three months, doing $3000 a month with your business the last three months. 

You also need four deposits into your checking account every single month, non-W2 income so it has to be 1099 deposits from your clients or from your customers. That is pretty much it for requisites. No collateral and we are not going to look at your FICO. So there are no credit score requirements. 

Automated Application for Instant Cash Advances 

What is great is we launched an automated application that will point the person to one of our three programs depending on their answers. It is completely seamless. I haven’t seen anything like it. 

And we are having a lot of success promoting this on TikTok so if you found this video through TikTok then this is exactly what I am doing to promote the business.

How to Promote Instant Cash Advances

I do short 15 second to one minute tiktoks talking about how I can help business owners get instant funding. It’s a new niche because usually Business Loans take three to five hours to fund at the fastest. I haven’t seen anything that gets funded within eight minutes. 

These are loans that are geared towards the gig worker, the self employed worker, the independent contractor, there’s 53 million independent contractors in America and what that means is that there’s people that drive for Uber, Instacart, DoorDash. 

You’ve heard of all them, that’s an independent contractor. They basically work for themselves, and they usually get paid twice a month. Well, we need someone that’s getting four deposits a month but many of those drivers have more than one business. I know several people that do DoorDash and Lyft at the same time. So they have their four deposits each month. 

Unlimited Possibilities Being an Instant Cash Advance Broker

So this is a wide open market. There are not a lot of people talking about instant business loans on TikTok and that is why I am doing this article. 

You know, if you’re watching this, you probably came from Tiktok. If not, then you are seeing it now. This is going to be huge. 

There’s over 33 million small businesses in America that need fast working capital and they can’t go through the banks. So of course, these are basically business advances. They’re not even loans at all. Most of these are business cash advances, and they’re based on a person’s revenue, not their credit score. 

So basically, we loan the future revenue upfront and then they pay it back with this new instant business loan. They pay it back weekly, the terms are eight to 10 weeks. If they get a second additional funding, then they have up to 16 weeks to pay it off. 

The factor rate, which we use instead of interest rates, is 1.29 to 1.6. Now all of these requirements can change. We’re always making our business better and more competitive and cutting edge. But right now those are the requirements for our instant business loan. 

So if you want to be an agent, I’ll leave a link under this article. So you might have to go on your laptop to access it or you can try your phone, but I’m going to leave a link. It’s absolutely free to join. 

And with most of our loans, we pay literally two days after the funding 3% to 6%. With our new instant business loan, we’re working with a new lender, which pays monthly so you would get paid on the 15th of every month. 

Building a MCA ISO Team

If you want to build a team, we pay very well on overrides. You can earn up to 100% on the commissions of the agents that you bring in. So if you recruit Sally and Sally gets a $100,000 loan, she’s going to get $3,000 for that first loan, guess what you’re going to get? $3000 as well because she came in and got that funding her first 30 days so we pay 100% Commission on any agent who gets funding their first 30 days. That’s for other loans.

Now with the instant business loan. It’s paid monthly. I believe the overrides are the same but it’s brand new so I can’t tell you so if you’re excited as I am about promoting this instant loan program on tiktok or anywhere else, it’s up to you. I am not saying only tick tock but this is super hot right now. So click the link sign up. It is absolutely free to sign up. And welcome to the dream team!