Best Small Business Loan Broker Opportunity

Best Small Business Loan Broker Opportunity

I want to talk about the best small business loan broker opportunity online for 2023. Now, a lot of people are desperate for money on both ends. There’s people that want to work from home right now desperately, and then there are the people or the businesses that need funding to stay in business. 

Best Small Business Loan Broker Opportunity 

Over 10 million businesses shut down in 2020. It is a dire situation, even though things are getting a little bit better in 2023. But since we’re heading into Winter, more and more people are getting business fundings. Now we pay 3% to 6% on business fundings in 2023. 

So if you get a million dollar business funded, then you would make $30,000 to $60,000. If you get a business $100,000 loan, then you would make $3000 to $6,000, and so forth. Our most popular business loans are around $10,000. 

So here is the thing, there is no experience needed. You do not need to have experience to become a small business loan broker. We provide all the training. Now, if you wanted to promote personal loans, that’s a different story. You would need your license if you wanted to be a personal loan officer. 

For a big corporation, you’d have to go to schooling and pay 1000s of dollars just to start being a loan broker. And then it could take several years to make any significant income with what we offer. 

Why this is the Best Small Business Loan Broker Opportunity 

So, no experience is necessary and we pay daily, so if you get a business funded Monday, you would get a statement Tuesday on how much that loan amount was, and then Wednesday, you would get a direct deposit into your bank. 

So how do I promote my business? 

I literally work about one hour a day, whereas other loan brokers and officers are working 10 to 12 hours a day. They’re busting their butt. They’re acting as a mediator between the business and the lender. So they’re doing a lot of faxing, trying to get a deal closed, trying to get the best offer, the best terms etc. 

We don’t have to do that with our opportunity. Because everything is pretty much automated. When you sign up to be a small business loan broker, all you have to do is share the website that we give you. 

And when a business fills out the application, then their sales team takes over. So you’re basically generating leads for a company that already has their own sales team – they already have their email campaigns, everything is set up. That is how I’m able to work one hour a day. 

I literally just get traffic to my website and I target businesses obviously, I target restaurants, trucking companies, spas, salons, any business that needs working capital every single day. 

Small Business Requirements for Our Same Day Funding

The only requirements for a business advanced with us is a credit score of 450 or higher 5000 a month in revenue and six months in business. 

They also need a business checking account and an EIN number, they can be a sole proprietor. If they meet all those requirements then they can literally get up to $25,000 the same day. 

There’s not a lot of lenders out there that have same day funding. That’s why this small business loan broker program is very hot right now, and we’re definitely looking for small business loan brokers. 

So if that is something you want to do, then click the link under this video, watch the video by the CEO and then fill out the application and we’ll get you rocking and rolling. You can literally start making money in two days.