Business Loan Opportunity for Mortgage Brokers and Realtors

If you are a Realtor, real estate agent, or mortgage broker or insurance agent then this might be a great additional income opportunity for you. We are looking for business loan brokers, who want to help small businesses stay in business. Big banks are only approving 13% of business loans right now, and the rest of small businesses are left high and dry. They cannot get funding and they are going under. Here are the best Business Loan Opportunity for Mortgage Brokers and Realtors.

Business Loan Opportunity for Mortgage Brokers and Realtors

Many businesses are failing right now because they can’t get working capital from the banks. That is where we come in. We have several different loan or advance programs that are helping businesses that might not have perfect credit. 

They don’t need collateral and they can get the funds as quick as 10 minutes all the way up to three days for the largest loans. We have an instant cash advance where they can get up to $5,000 within 10 minutes. They only need to be doing $3000 a month with their business. 

No collateral is needed. They only have to have four business deposits into their checking every month. They can have a personal checking account. Now the next one is our same day business loan up to $25,000. You need a FICO 550 and  doing 5000 a month and you need to be in business for the last six months. You need a business checking account for that one. 

Then we have a loan all the way up to $2 million. You need to be doing 15,000 a month with your business checking account Fico 500. So those are the general requirements. Okay, there’s small little requirements underneath that, but that’s the gist of the requirements. 

Best Income Opportunity for Mortgage Brokers and Realtors

So this is perfect for agents or brokers that have a clientele who already own businesses who can’t get working capital. So this is a great additional income stream for you. Because if they can’t get a house from you, but they’re a business owner, you might want to say I can offer this business loan to you, this certain amount all you have to do is apply and see if you qualify.  

Our application is automated. It takes literally five minutes to fill out the questionnaire and the application will redirect your client to the right program, depending on the answers that your client left. 

Automated Underwriting Business Loan Opportunity 

We also have the underwriters that do the loan for you, the processing of the loan or it’s automated. We also have a sales team that follows up with your leads. So this literally can be hands off or it’s something that you can follow up with; you’ll get email notifications on where your client is in the sales funnel and you can follow up with them. 

So it is as hands off as you want to be or hands on as you want to be. But a lot of brokers and agents are on my team already and they are having a lot of success with this because they already have clients they have existing clients they have they are already helping truck your truckers they are already helping salon owners. They are already helping restaurant owners. 

Business Loan Commissions

So why not add a business loan program that you can also offer your clients and make an additional income, we pay 3% to 9% of the funded amount. So if you get a $100,000 business loan for your client, you could earn $3000 to $9,000 from that funded amount. 

So it is very lucrative, especially if you have an existing clientele. So click the link under this article. It is free to join you. We have all the training you need to get started. You get your own links to share. I have to put your agent number on the end of the URL and you can start promoting it right away after you watch the training. Once you learn the requirements, it’s that simple. 

You could get paid within two to seven days, two days on the small ones and the seven days up to the larger amounts. Plus you can build a team of agents under you and up to 100% of their commissions so if you have a network of agents working under you already, you can earn up to 100% of their commissions. 

So if they secure a $100,000 loan they get 3% on that – they get $3,000 and you get $3,000 if that person did it within 30 days. If it is after 30 days, you can still make 25 to 50%. So it is very lucrative to build a team but it’s also very lucrative to go after those larger loan amounts. 

We do have an instant cash advance, but the commission’s are only $20 to $200 but that does open up a huge demographic of business owners that only have a personal checking account. 

In the past they got denied from any type of business fun because you have to have a business checking account. But with this new instant cash advance they only need a personal checking account. No collateral. No FICO on that one. So it is an amazing opportunity to get on board right now and check it out for bold brokers!