ROK Financial VS. David Allen Capital Review: Top Loan Broker Opportunity

ROK Financial VS. DAC Review

So which is a better business loan broker opportunity ROK Financial or David Allen Capital (DAC)? We are going to dive into this. I am going to mostly just use the abbreviation for the company (DAC) because of compliance reasons and to simplify. But if you are reading this loan broker comparison review, you probably know what DAC is.

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ROK Financial VS. DAC Review: Which is a Better Business Loan Broker Opportunity? 

So I have been in both companies and I am going to talk about which one is better, and the pros and cons of each company. 

So they both provide business capital to small companies. They do business cash advances and funding. And they provide working capital for businesses. Now, ROK has various products and so does DAC. They might have slight variations and different requirements and so forth. 


But I want to talk about the actual opportunity and how much money you can potentially make. Now you might not make any money. That is just a little disclaimer, but ROK financial has great reviews online. 

So they have great products. They have great business advances, and if you look at their reviews on Google, a lot of people are happy. In fact, they are in the top five if you go to Trustpilot. So the company is legit, they are solid. 

How Much Does ROK Financial and DAC Pay?

But I want to talk about how much they pay. So the word on the street is ROK pays 3% on business fundings. Now with DAC, you get 3% as well when you start out, but if you get funding, then you jump up to 6%. 

Now you also get a 10% override on your own commissions. So that comes out to be about 6.6%, also called points. If you are a loan broker they toss around the term points instead of percentages but it is actually percentage. 

So after your first finding with DAC, you get 6.6%. But you have to maintain getting a funding at least once a month to maintain that 6.6%. If you don’t get a funding, within 30 days, you go back down to 3%. 

Now we do have an instant cash advance in DAC where you have to get over $6,000 with our instant cash advance to hit the amped up status. I am not going to go into that because it gets complicated. 

I just want to talk about the percentages. So ROK is 3% and DAC is 3%. Unless you get funding every 30 days, then you are at 6.6. 

But here is the thing about funding approval. If you start getting more fundings in DAC and if you hit four fundings, and they total 40,000 in total funded value or more, it is a DAC-4 rank so we have different ranks in DAC, because it is actually a direct selling business loan broker of opportunity. 

So we have ranks and when you build a team, you can earn more overrides, but I eventually became a DAC4. So now my funding rate is 7.8% if I get funding every 30 days, 7.8% is very good. 

How Automated is DAC and ROK Financial?

If you are looking at something that is hands off, DAC has all of the underwriters closing your deals. You get email follow ups on your client status. Everything is automated. You get email updates on your funding process with your clients. Everything is automated which is really great.

ROK as well has a landing page that you can use to get clients to sign up and then they do the underwriting as well. It is hands off. There are other videos on YouTube, where people don’t know if ROK is hands off or not. You do not even have to upload documents Rok has a landing page for its agents. So all you have to do is share your landing page just like you do with DAC. 

How to Get More Fundings with ROK & DAC

Now of course if you want to increase your conversion rate, you should build a relationship with your clients. Call them on the phone once you get an email that a client applied on your site, you should definitely reach out and build that relationship. It will greatly improve your conversion rate. 

DAC Jumpstarts on Team

Commissions Building a Team?

So you got the upfront commissions on what you can get with fundings. I want to dive into the business building aspect, recruiting agents. 

Now with ROK, when I was part of ROK, I talked to the account manager and he said that I could earn like 2.5% on my personally sponsored agents so that means if I brought in an agent and they got $1,000 Commission, I would make $25. 

Okay, that is just what I remember. I haven’t been with ROK for six months, so I don’t know what they are doing but 2.5% of agents you bring in.

Now, I have done network marketing for eight years. So I love recruiting, I can recruit a lot of people to MLMs and affiliate programs. So let’s talk about DACs overrides on personally sponsored agents is 25% up to 100%. 

So if I get funding every 30 days in DAC I am amped up. That means that I can earn anywhere from 50% to 100% commissions on my personally sponsored agents. 

I can earn 100% commissions on personally sponsored agents if they get a commission in their first 30 days in DAC. After 30 days, it drops back to 50% If I am amped up so that if an agent that I bring in gets the funding in their first 30 days they get $1,000 Commission and I am amped up, I get $1,000 as well. 

There is a woman on my team who got a $7,000 commission from an override from one of her personal agents that she recruited because that agent that she recruited got a huge $300,000 Business advance for a client within her first 30 days. 

So her commission was 7000 and the other agent’s commission was 7000. That right there is life changing income and you didn’t even get the person you didn’t get the loan yourself. 

So I am building a team in David Allen Capital and Bank Breezy. I have already recruited 500 people on DAC, and here is the thing, it is a free opportunity. So you are going to get a lot of people that don’t do anything with the business. You are only gonna get maybe 3% out of your whole team doing anything. All right, but it is worth it because if they take off, you are going to get these overrides. 

Let me talk about the DAC overrides for the entire organization. That downline team with David Allen Capital you build yourself. You can get up to 10 to 50% on your entire team, even if you didn’t recruit them, depending on your rank. 

So right now, I think I can get 30% on my entire team. And DAC, even if I didn’t sponsor them. So I got four almost 4000 people on my team, I can get up to 30% on all of their commissions. 

Now if there is someone under me that is also the same rank as me, then my Commission’s drop, because I have to split the difference between my leader and me. 

Team Overrides for DAC or ROK

So let’s say that I am a DAC agent because I get 30% earnings. But there’s a DAC under me, they get 15% overrides, so I am going to get the difference. I will get that 15% override on my entire team instead of 30% just because of that leader, if it is their organization, all right, but if there is no one else that is ranked as high as me, I get up to 30% on my entire team. 

So bottom line is if you want to build a team and earn a residual income, I would definitely pick Dak everything is done for you the landing pages we have. We have a brand new instant cash advance and no one else has. Now you don’t get a big commission on those because, you know, I get like up to $100 when I get someone $3,000 in funds. 

So it is not a huge commission for those but we’re helping business owners who only have a personal checking account. So if they have a personal checking account. Normally in the past, banks wouldn’t touch them. No one would touch them if they only had a personal checking account. 

But now that we have an instant cash advance that you only need a personal checking account with no FICO requirement, everyone that didn’t qualify in the past and now go to that bucket, the instant cash advance bucket. 

So, you know, I got like $800 yesterday from all the instant cash advances throughout the month so that pays monthly, all right, but with the big funds. You know, if I got a million dollar business cash advance, I would get $78,000 commissions, if in DAC if at my 7.8% rate if I got a business cash advance for somebody million dollars I would get $78,000 commission so it really is a life changing opportunity. 

Both ROK and DAC are free to join. I hope this comparison helps because a lot of people I asked a question today on my YouTube channel. So I hope I answered your question if you are on here. That is a great question. By the way, I am glad I did. I was glad that you asked that because now I can do a video about it. So you’re watching those differences. 

I am a strong recruiter but I am not the biggest loan broker in the world. I am an internet marketer, introvert so as long as I get my one funding a month or $6,000 worth of instant cash advances a month. I stay amped up at 7.8% in this business opportunity. 

Then the rest of the time I am recruiting like mad because the overrides from your team can almost be better than the business funding, especially if you don’t know a lot of business owners, which I don’t. 

I am doing this 100% cold market all on the internet. As long as I get my amped up status every month in DAC, I am happy with David Allen Capital and Bank Breezy helping small companies and entrepreneurs to get funded. Then the rest of the time I am recruiting, recruiting, recruiting with these articles getting three agents a day. I am happy I love the lending business. 

I love DAC and that is my comparison. Now ROK has amazing loan and merchant cash advance underwriters and if you want to work with the underwriters, that is great, you know if you want the hands on approach, but just realize that ROK pays a little less, but the reviews are great, and you will probably get more fundings with ROK Financial. 

That is just what I heard on the street by talking with other independent loan brokers. The conversion rate with ROK Financial is higher. Now I only got that from one person so don’t quote me on that. Now this is just my opinion on these two loan broker businesses compared.

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