How I Recruited 500 Agents As A Business Loan Broker

How I Recruited Over 525 Agents as a Business Loan Broker (2022)

Today I want to talk about how I recruited over 525 Business Loan brokers into my opportunity. I have been recruiting consistently since May 2021. But I have been in this company since May 2020 into January 2023. 

How I Recruited Over 525 Agents as a Business Loan Broker (2023 Update)

The first year I was just kind of feeling things out. I was still doing internet marketing, affiliate marketing and other programs, and I didn’t really dive into the business loan broker opportunity because I didn’t really see the commissions, the benefits of recruiting a team. 

But once I dived into the compensation plan, a year and a half ago, I realized that I could almost make more money recruiting a team of agents, than to actually get fundings myself. 

Now I want to dive into this but before we get started, like this video because this is going to change your game, especially in 2023 and beyond. If you are a business loan broker, if you are not, then click the link under this article, you can sign up for free, it is a free opportunity in the USA and Canada only. 

When you sign up as a business loan broker you will watch about four hours of training and you are good to go. You get your own websites and we pay daily. 

It is the best program online and that’s the other reason why I started recruiting is because this business loan broker opportunity is actually a network marketing loan broker opportunity

No Degree Needed to Become a Business Loan Broker

You don’t need to have a degree or a special license to promote business loans. Therefore, a new network marketing company jumped on the chance of basically giving us this opportunity. 

So I started recruiting heavily because the overrides that we can earn on our agents range from anywhere from 25% on their commissions, all the way up to 100% commissions. 

So if I recruit an agent and they get funding their first 30 days and I am amped up, which means you need to get one loan every month ($6k funded value) I can get 100% of their commissions if they get funding their first 30 days. 

So I always want to get amped up. That means I gotta get one loan a month, and then I’m amped up and I can get up to 100% commissions on the commissions of my agents, personally enrolled agents. 

Now I can get up to 50% on my entire team, even if I didn’t recruit them, but I have to advance all the way up to the top of the ladder. 

Right now I get about 30% of my entire team. So if an agent is 100 levels down from me, that means someone recruited all the way down 100 levels down, I could get 30% of their commissions. 

So someone way down there 100 levels got $1,000 Commission, I could get a $300 commission, even if they’re 100 levels down if there’s no one ranked between me and them. 

So right now I’m a DAC4 so I get 30%. If there’s no one that’s DAC4 between me and that person I get 30% on their commissions.

So I started recruiting and this is what I did. For one I have a loan broker opportunity website. So literally if you go to loan broker This is my blog just for recruiting agents. This is the blog you are on right now.

Now I am not saying you should blog or anything. I am just telling you what I did. There are more effective ways to recruit. The second thing that I noticed is I started to get a lot of agents from my YouTube videos. 

For example, I have two videos. One is reviewing a company called Kevin Harrington’s loan broker network. I did a review on that company when they first came out, because YouTube is great if you want to do company reviews, and because people will research companies before they sign up. 

Usually they go to YouTube and look for company reviews. So that was one of the first videos I did that started to take off. I have probably gotten 200 agents just from that video. It’s one of my popular uploads. You can go look at it here. 

The second best performing video was the five best commercial loan broker affiliate programs for 2022 and 2023. All right, so I have probably gotten 100 agents from that video. 

So if you can get one funding a month the rest of the time I would recruit because the overrides can possibly be more than the fundings. I am not a loan broker by trade. I was a network marketer before I discovered a business loan broker and I promoted a CBD oil product. That’s where I made most of my money. 

So when I joined this business loan broker opportunity back in May 2020, I did not know any business owners. I didn’t have any business friends on Facebook or anywhere I had to start from scratch. 

How I Promoted Business Loans Online

So I started promoting it, and I ran some Google Ads that cost like $500 and didn’t get anything. And so I was like Screw this, I’m moving on. I’m going back to network marketing, affiliate marketing, whatever. 

So I took about a year off from May 2020 to May 2021. Then my friend who sponsored me in this business loan broker program said, Hey, you got to take a look at this again. We just launched a new same day funding program up to $25,000. You gotta see this. 

So I looked at it. There was a new website that I could promote. It was flashy, I loved it. So I ran a couple ads on Craigslist, and I got funding. Now the funding was only for like $2,500, but I got like $150 Commission, and I’m gonna go for it. 

So May 2021 is when I went for it and then I looked into the compensation plan even more. And I was like alright, the overrides on this can be even more crazy than the actual fundings. 

So I started another blog just for business fundings. Now it takes about two years for a blog to take off. So I’m still doing an article for that once a week or whatever, but it’s still only getting like 20 views a day. 

Because I mean, writing for loans is incredibly competitive. I’m competing with lending tree and Forbes and NerdWallet and all these huge websites. There’s no way I’m going to compete with them. 

But it’s just something I do. I’m a blogger by trade. But where I’m getting the most success is by doing company reviews on YouTube and for the fundings. 

I am getting probably 10 to 20 leads for the funding just from tik tok but you gotta remember that anything you do online these days, it’s incredibly competitive, and it takes a ton of content if that’s what you want to do. 

It is almost easier to go out and pound the pavement, go to meetups. Go to the business network International website, you know network in person, drop off cards and business owners do it in person, get that relationship going with business owners if you want to get fundings.

Because I am an internet marketer by trade. I’m hands off. And it’s incredibly hard. It takes a ton of views to get any traction on the internet if you want to do it. Hands off, but you can do it but it takes a ton of traffic and you’ll probably burn out before you get enough traffic for the loans. 

So I definitely get one funding per month ideally, in this company that I’m in one funding a month ideally by talking to business owners building that relationship and going in wanting to help them truly wanting to help them. 

Don’t look at it as a sale or a commission because they can smell it on you a mile away. You want to really ask them you know, ask for referrals, don’t even ask them directly if they need money. 

Say “Who do you know who owns a business who needs working capital?” Say that, then it relieves all the pressure off of them. It takes all the pressure off them because you’re not spamming them. You’re not pitching them. You’re just like, Hey, who do you know who owns a business who might be looking for working capital or they need a little help financially. 

Then they might just be like, hey, I need help. What do you got? Alright, so that is how you can pitch business owners to get one funding. 

Okay rule of thumb: so get one funding a month. If you do in the smaller instant cash advances, you will have to get at least 6000 in funded value a month to get that amped up rank. 

But try to get amped up every month and then the rest of the time. recruit, recruit, recruit go after business loan brokers, my business loan broker videos also. 

YouTube loves paying me for those videos. So I like doing those videos. So you can get a passive income from YouTube while building a huge team and you can get passive income when your agents start getting fundings. It might take them a few months but you keep recruiting, keep recruiting, keep recruiting, like I have 525 agents right now. 

I have 3900 people on my team, and I’m starting to get overrides every other day from my team, but it took about a year of recruiting so don’t ever stop recruiting because this is a free opportunity. 

You are going to get a lot of tire kickers, you are going to get a lot of people that don’t even watch the training and they are gone. They are on to something else. Right and flashy, you know, get rich quick schemes or whatever. 

All the leaders in network marketing, keep recruiting, keep recruiting, keep recruiting, I will probably recruit till the day I die because I want passive income more than anything. 

I want a team of agents as long as I get that one funding or 6000 in funded value that could change overnight. You know the requirements might go get lower and lower, where it only takes 2000 and funded value to get amped up. And then you can get up to 100,000 or 100% on the conditions of your personally enrolled agents and up to 50% on your entire team. So click the link below:

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