Business Loan Broker Jobs – Get Paid Daily

Business Loan Broker Jobs

There’s a lot of business loan broker opportunities out there, but many are charging up to $6,000 to join their program. The good news is, you don’t need a business degree or pay any money to start a career inside the business loan brokering space. Here are the best loan broker jobs.

What are Business Loan Broker Jobs

The average earnings nationwide as a business loan broker is $89,245 according to ZipRecruiter. These types of jobs usually require some college education and licensing to work for brokerage firms.

However, many people don’t realize that you don’t need a license, any experience, or any additional education to become a business loan broker. Unlike, selling personal loans, which can cost up to $1,000 to obtain the licensing to sell them, business loans don’t require a license.

Since the Pandemic struck America, more people are not only looking for business capital to keep their stores open, but also people who don’t want to go back to a job are looking for broker opportunities from home.

Over 10 million businesses shut down during 2020, and many of those businesses will never come back. Also, over 110 million lost their jobs during 2020 as well. It just makes sense to become a small business loan broker from home to help struggling businesses.

How Much Does Business Loan Broker Opportunities Pay?

Zip Recruiter suggests that the highest paying business loan brokers in America top out around $238k per year. Keep in mind, you might be working 14 hours a day acting as a go-between lenders and customers to get that kind of income. Plus, it’s extremely rare to make that kind of money in your first 5 years of being a loan broker.

With our business loan broker opportunity, you can make $250k your first year, and over half a million or more your second year. Of course, you can make no money as well. It all depends on how you promote and build this business. We already have agents making $30k per month, working a few hours a day, all online, from the comfort of their home.

What makes our opportunity so lucrative is our 3% to 6% payout on all business fundings that you get. We also pay overrides on top of that base rate, which can be as high as 9% on business fundings.

We also pay you overrides on any personal agents you bring in as well as on all the agents in your entire organization – even those you personally didn’t recruit. 

You can earn 5% to 20% on everyone in your entire organization, and up to 100% of their commissions if your personally recruited agents get funding in their first 30 days. 

So, what makes our opportunity so powerful is you can earn thousands per week just on the commissions of your agents, on top of getting 3% to 6% on your own fundings!

How to Promote Business Loan Broker Jobs

Believe it or not, most of our most successful agents either use their Facebook or cold call businesses out of the yellow pages. It really is that simple. 

We give you your own websites with cookies (cookies are a tracking code) to you, meaning you get credit if a business gets funding through your website, or an agent signs up on your recruiting page.

The funding process can be completely automated, meaning you don’t need to mess around with a ton of paperwork and faxing all day long between lender and customer. We have a sales team that takes over once you generate a business lead on your website. All you need to do is get a business to apply on your website. That is it! And, recruit agents so you can earn a monthly residual income from the efforts of others.

It is up to you how you promote this business. If you are a social media wizard then use that, if you write on a blog, use that, if you are a telemarketer by trade, then call businesses. We also have a ton of free training on how to promote this business. You will receive all of that info when you sign up through the link below.

How to Join Our Business Loan Broker Jobs

There are many loan broker opportunities out there, many are asking for a lot of money to join them. Be aware of such scammy programs – because in reality, I have made great money completely for free being a business loan broker. The only requirement to become successful is tenacity and consistency every day. Please click the link below and watch the overview video and sign up. This is a USA only opportunity and some Canada as well. I look forward to working with you!