Best Part Time Real Estate Agent Opportunity

part time real estate agent opportunity

Real estate agent income can be a hit or miss, and real estate can dramatically fluctuate in price which makes for unstable income. It can also take years of struggle to make more than the $42k median salary of a real estate agent. 

So, what can you do in the meantime to supplement your real estate business income? In this article, we offer the best part-time real estate agent opportunity for those looking to make more income.

What is the Best Part Time Real Estate Agent Opportunity

Most real estate agents are happy with their career and would not prefer to train more for another career. Therefore, the best opportunity for agents online would be a profession that doesn’t require more training or a license – and that is becoming a MCA broker or Business Loan Agent.

What does a MCA broker or Business Loan Agent do? They help businesses receive working capital or business cash advances to struggling businesses. Unlike personal loans, which require a license to sell, short-term business cash advances are entirely a different breed.

Business cash advances are quickly becoming popular among small businesses because big banks are lending less, a lot less, in fact only 13% of small businesses who apply for a big bank loan get one. 

Business cash advances are typically less than a year in term and can be dispersed to the owner within 1 to 2 days. On top of that, BCAs require no collateral and you can have bad credit. 

BCA’s are based primarily on the business’ cash flow – so if a business generates $5,000 a month in revenue but needs emergency funds to fix or expand, then BCAs are a great choice.

Real Estate Agent Income vs Business Loan Broker Income

Again, realtors make pretty low income their first few years, but can earn up to $150k or more in 5 to 10 years. As a business loan broker, you earn 3% to 6% on the funded amount that the business is advanced. 

So, if you help a business get a $10,000 cash advance, you get $300 on the first advance, then $600 on any advance after that, as long as you get one advance per month you are locked in at the 6% commission rate.

But, what really makes our business advance opportunity so powerful are the overrides on a team of agents you can build. Just like real estate brokers who manage a team of agents and earn a little commission from them, so too can you earn from having a team of business loan brokers.

The key difference with our compensation plan is that we pay 25% to 100% of your team’s commissions to you. For example: you recruit Bob and he goes out and gets a $10,000 advance for a business and makes $300. You would get 25% to 50% of that. 

Once you get a business funding yourself, you can earn 100% of their commissions if your personally enrolled agent gets the funding within their first 30 days of joining. So, you would get all $300 from Bob.

What’s truly exciting is that we offer up to $2 million dollar loans. 6% of $2 million is a $120,000 commission to you. That’s incredibly great money for an opportunity that is completely free to join with no license required or college degree!

How to Build Your Broker Business Online

As independent agents, it is your responsibility to find leads. However, we have agents earning up to $20,000 per month simply using social media. We give you your own replicated websites to promote online. They are personalized to you so you get credit when a business applies on your website or an agent signs up with you.

We also offer free training and teach all the different methods of generating business, from social media to PPC campaigns, the sky’s the limit how much you can make with this business.

How to Join the Best Part Time Real Estate Agent Opportunity

Whether you want to stay part-time as a real estate agent or dive in completely to a new business loan opportunity, we have something special to offer you. Simply click the apply below and watch the video by our CEO and join. This is for USA residents only.

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