Best Business Loan Broker Opportunity Online

Welcome to the Best Loan Broker Opportunity Online. We created this website to help loan brokers, officers, agents, realtors, or any other kind of commission-based junkie out there find the best opportunity online.

Start Your Own Business And Become Your Own Boss

There are only a few loan broker programs out there where you don’t need to do all the paperwork between the client and the lender. In this post, I will spotlight the easiest and most lucrative business loan broker opportunity online that is absolutely free and is actually multilevel (MLM), so you can earn down many levels on your personally recruited agents and their teams.

Best Business Loan Broker Opportunity Online

Most broker programs require licensing and cost money to obtain. Then, you need to travel and spend hours with each client, fill out the paperwork with them, then return the paperwork to your office to shop for the right lender for the client. You also have to do your own marketing which means paying for the newest marketer tools and software programs.

As an internet marketer, this sounds awful and tiresome just to provide businesses and customers with helpful loans. I want a business loan broker program that is all done online, and all I have to do is get clients to fill out the 5 minute application on the replicated website our company gives us. That is perfect! All I need is targeted traffic, aka business owners looking for same day business funding, to go to my site and I can then get emails that my clients got funded and I get a direct deposit from our company in two days so you are able to purchase new products.

Why Become a Business Cash Advance ISO?

Business cash advances and Merchant Cash Advance ISOs don’t require a license because it is commercial lending, not personal lending which needs a license, and is very lucrative. You can earn up to $180,000 per funding in our opportunity. We pay 3% to 6% on the funded value of the advance, not paid a percentage on the fee of a loan, like most places pay.

Our company has been in business for six years and have helped businesses receive over $50 Million in business working capital. We just launched a quick, same-day funding program for up to $25,000. Businesses can now literally get the funds they need within 8 hours, instead of a few weeks or months through big banks. Therefore, our alternative financing is flying off the shelves and making ISO agents wealthy in the process.

How to Join Our Business Loan Broker Opportunity

According to Indeed, the average salary of a loan broker is $188,000, but there is no income ceiling here. You can easily make $500k to a $1 million a year by not only getting a few fundings per week yourself, but building an organization of agents under you. You can earn 10% overrides on your entire team, and up to 100% overrides on your personally sponsored agents. It is absolutely free to join, is a USA only opportunity, to become your own boss and build your business.

About Me

I have been an internet marketer since 2011. It is kind of a funny trajectory I was on to finally become a loan broker, but I started in 2011 by creating a full-length music album (lo-fi alternative rock) and wanted to promote it online. I learned how to “tweet” on Twitter and I was all good. 2012 I wrote an ebook, during the ebook craze, called The Drunk, chronicling my years as a drunk and how I found sobriety.

In 2013 I discovered Affiliate Marketing and in 2014 Network Marketing. I loved the concept of making passive income while I slept because you could build international teams in our MLM company. So, I started blogging to attract MLM leaders from around the world, like the Philippines and Nigeria. And yes, they started building their own teams around the clock and I finally got my residual income!

After 7 years of being in Multi-Level Marketing, I got burnt out and was tired of watching my teams dwindle and tired of paying for over-priced products each month and was going to leave it behind forever. I started a new blog helping people with Asperger’s and Addiction and thought I would never touch MLM again going into 2024.

However, it was brought to my attention by a good friend who had been in these MLM companies along with me the entire time, about a new opportunity that was completely free to join with huge upside potential, helping small businesses get working capital so they can stay in business.

It seemed to be a good cause and I tried it for a year with little success. Then, the Lending business brought in a new alternative financing product that enabled businesses to get same-day funding up to $25,000. I got my first business funded in two weeks and it has been gangbusters ever since for merchant cash advance profits.

Thanks for reading! I hope we can work together. We are the fastest growing team in this business and you will get all the free training you need. We have agents getting funding in their first week and making thousands of dollars – plus we pay daily. So, click the link and we will see you at the top in 2023!

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